Leslie Knope

I'm engaged in a great delusion, and think myself to be a knighted Union Flag. Ser Gaylussite, if you don't mind. To own a country estate with a landscaped English garden must be the height of one's ambitions.

I'm not quite sure if I'm a wino or an œnophile. But of course the wonderful delusion provides the answer: œnophile. And I'll keep believing that so long as it allows for my fabulous existence.

My house words are 'Buggery and Fanciful Pretension'. I'm still debating if getting married would be more awesome for love and all that shit or having a double barrelled surname.

I currently have feels for:

• Supernatural
• Parks and Recreation
• Leslie Knope
• Harry Potter
• Sherlock
• AHS: Coven
• Adventure Time
• Game of Thrones
• Top Gear
• La langue et la culture françaises
• Butts (oh god butts wow) I love them

Gaylussite's Stalkers!

And if you have't worked it out yet from the above:

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My first thought when I saw this down my petrographic microscope was literally ‘Warm liquid goo phase, complete.’ In the voice of the woman from Austin Powers…

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